JoR training program is a holistic program to help with improving reading skills and inculcating reading habit in students. Schools participating in the program commit to measure outcomes as prescribed in the workshop/training sessions to understand reading level improvement of students quantitatively by end of year.

In 2021 JoR conducted an experiential workshop of Inculcating Joyful Reading systematically to 200 Librarians. During the process, we learnt that for the higher success of the program 

  • English teachers also need to be trained as reading and comprehension improvement in students require their involvement. English teachers need to understand Reading level of students, and
  • The school head needs to understand the program for successful execution and implementation.

Since then, we have trained 230 Principals, 500 English teachers and 230 librarians. Read more about this on our blog.

Some of the topics covered in the training are: 

  • Basics of library maintenance, making the library an attractive place to spend time
  • Techniques – Measuring Reading Levels, Interactive Read Aloud
  • Role of Librarians
  • Application of Learnt techniques 
  • Managing Struggling Readers
  • Everyday Reading Time

Contact us if you are interested in this training for your school.