About Me:

As a young girl in India, I dreamed of traveling the world.  It took a lot of dedication and overcoming many hurdles, but I finally realized my dream of coming to the US in 1998.  I worked in the computer industry at SAP until my son turned 1 year old at which time, I made the decision to focus on his wellbeing by becoming a stay-at-home mom. 

Having possessed a great love of reading for as long as I can remember, I sought to share this love with my son, to give him the gift of exploring the world of ideas, stories, and knowledge through books. 

On a trip to India in 2010, when my son was four, he noticed that the children there didn’t have books to read.  “Amma,” he asked me, “how do they go to sleep without reading a book?”  For my precious Arya and his baby brother, Arav, it was inconceivable not to have story time every night before bed.   And so, Joy of Reading’s journey began.