September 25, 2018

Get Involved

Interested in helping? It is easy! Contact us at for more details.


Check your Bookshelf

Your shelf might need room for some new books. Joy of Reading will accept as few or as many children’s books as you would like to share!

Book Wish List

Our partner schools are in need of non-fiction science and nature-themed books like Magic School Bus. Zoo Books and Ranger Rick magazines are also in demand. Check out the full book list here.

Talk to your Friends

Tell your friends about Joy of Reading and let them know you can find a new home for their gently-used books.

Special Day Gifts

In lieu of gifts, ask your guests to bring a book (or books!) to donate.


Organize a Book drive

Host a book drive with your class or school, club, neighborhood, office or workplace. Decide on dates and create a place to collect the books. Get the word out with posters, with email or online, and know you’re serving children with limited access to books.

Sort and Label

Watch for our upcoming events to sort books with our simple reading level colors and label books before they are donated to our school and library partners.


Gift Cards

Half Price Books and Value Village are inexpensive sources for books. We can shop for specific book types or reading levels requested by our literacy partners.

In Your Honor Monetary Gift

Honor someone special with a gift to Joy of Reading! Your donation can purchase local language books, cover transportation costs to remote schools, sustain a mobile library, print labels and other materials. The joy of reading is a reality for more children as we support our schools, libraries and partners in India and Nepal.