2020! What a year! However, the human race continued to think out of the box to move on and not be defeated by an invisible virus. JoR was no exception. We had one of our biggest online librarian training events conducted during Oct 2020 for the Telangana Social Welfare Residential Schools (TSWRS) schools. Check below to know more details.

Inculcating Joyful Reading

Joy of Reading (JoR) had conducted a pilot program (Structured Reading Program) during the academic year 2019 – 2020 at TSWRS Narsingi. There was a wealth of knowledge and learning from the pilot. We then drafted it into an experiential workshop for both librarians and English teachers. 

During the academic year, 2020 – 2021 TSWRS inducted a lot of new librarians for all their schools. The new librarians needed to be trained in library management and be provided with guidance to develop a reading interest in children. TSWRS approached JoR for an in-depth training program for their librarians. There were about 170+ schools with around 180 teachers who needed to undergo the training. 

JoR conducted a two-day online workshop “Inculcating Joyful Reading”, for two hours per session. Exercises and lectures were tailored to suit the online medium. The librarians were assigned prep work to complete before they attended the training, and were given short exercises during the training to assimilate and work on applying the concepts.

Goal: The aim of the workshop was to promote holistic reading development in children systematically.  It aimed to teach techniques to both librarians and English teachers that could be incorporated in their daily teaching or operation routine

 Workshop Synopsis

  • Basics of library maintenance (Making the library an attractive place to spend time)
  • Techniques – Measuring Reading Levels, Interactive Read Aloud
  • Role of Librarians.
  • Application of Learnt techniques 
  • Managing Struggling Readers
  • Everyday Reading Time.

The training was conducted on Oct 27th, Oct 28th for around 90 librarians, and another session was conducted on Oct 29th, Oct 31st for another 90 librarians. Despite being online, the training was very successful in keeping the attendees engaged and interactive.  Questions were asked and answered, and thoughts were expressed over the chatting medium.

Harini Raghavan, Joy of Reading, Board Member conducted the training. Three other volunteers – Shiney, Sailaja, and Vandana helped conduct the simulation of ‘Measuring Reading Level ‘ Scenario exercises.
It was a meeting full of librarians and their role was explained along with best practices to maintain a library.
Techniques were explained to help overcome the frustrations experienced by children when being asked to read.

At the end of the workshop, a free flow discussion ensued to discuss the next steps and feedback on the training.

Training Effectiveness

The Plusses – Verbatim Comments

  • Excellent Programme as most of our librarians are newly recruited the training session is very useful
  • These sessions were very much useful and inspiring for newly joined librarians like me. 
  • Training is very useful for us
  • A wonderful training session was given by Harini madam. We learnt how to inculcate the students towards reading and also how to motivate the children towards non-academic books.
  • Nice training l have learnt loud reading. How to read loudly technique is for useful struggling children.
  • The training session was very useful in getting familiar with the methods for improving reading skills among the students
  • Please interact and give training and healthy discussion to our English lecturers and school section English teachers along with librarians please involve them also 
  • It is very useful. In that training session, we learnt a lot of things it is very useful for all the students…
  • Thank you for this training. we learn how to assess the children and they are also showing to listen read and write the stories. Thank you, mam
  • It was a very good session and it was very comfortable
  • The training is good, it is helpful to assess the students reading level systematically and the books provided are according to the level of the students which are suitable and helps to improve reading skills cognitively. 
  • The training session was very useful for us. learnt the importance of finding struggling readers and  maKing them comfortable readers 
  • Training sessions are very useful and in that, we learnt how to improve reading skills in the children and how to help the struggling readers. Thank you
  • The training session was good .it was very helpful to identify the students level according to that we can measure and improve them to level by level by providing different levelled books. and the joy of reading story videos are very helpful us to interact with all the students and to develop  their interest towards LSWR skills. Thankyou
  • Training session is very use full  develop reading levels in students
  • I felt so happy that it is helping every children in joy of reading. I hope training session should every year so that every library will develop.
  • Very useful and learned maintain library.
  • The training  program  was too good  madam,this is very  helpful  to us for measuring  reading  levels  of the students & leveling of story books 


  • The training session was good and need videos/audios telling the importance of libraries and reading .why they have to go to the library and read books.
  • In my view the training was conducted offline is a better way. Through online, we were facing many problems like network, audio etc.
  • Training session very useful but our students are stayed at home COVID 19 situation next academic year very effectively implemented by  us

Write to us @ joyofreadingus@gmail.com if you want to understand more on how to inculcate reading systematically for school going children. Till we meet you again ! Bye