October 15, 2018

About Us

Joy of Reading (JoR) is a non-profit trust that provides books to schools, non-profits, and communities to augment their existing libraries or setup new libraries. JoR’s vision is to spread the pleasure of reading everywhere among children, youth and adults.

Joy of Reading was started in 2010 and has its presence both in USA and India. Currently it is registered as 501c3 in the US and formally registered as a non-profit trust in India. JoR is mainly run by volunteers. Books are sourced through numerous book donation drives, the majority of them happening in the US. JoR has razor sharp focus on minimizing its overheads and primarily runs with a volunteer force who help with book drives, sorting, identifying partners and shipping. Books are sent through people traveling or moving to India, to reduce shipping costs.

Since its inception, JoR has collaborated with 20+ partners in setting up multiple libraries in various schools, supplying over 10,000 books. Some of our biggest partners are India Literacy Project, Saraswati Vidya Peetam run Bala Sishu mandir schools, Hippocampus, ITeach Pune, SEEDS etc. Recently in March 2018 we have also established partnership with Karnataka state govt. and supplied books for one of the state run homes. JoR’s presence spans multiple states including Telengana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Maharastra.

JoR’s goal is to spread the pleasure of reading to as many as possible and reach corners of India where children don’t have access to good fictional or non-fictional books and whose schools or organizations cannot afford a library. JoR primarily supplies books to non-profits, NGOs, govt. schools, govt. aided schools and a few communities. JoR also provides workbooks, reference books, coloring books and stationery material that have been collected as donations to children as part of their mission. Where required it can also help with consultation of setting up of a library and implementation of the Joy of Reading Hour which includes Read Aloud sessions and activities related to the books read, to promote the pleasure of reading and enhance the imagination and creativity in children.

Books are sourced through multiple donation drives throughout the year. Book sorting and labeling events are organized for volunteers to organize these books. JoR levels the books into various levels (Level 1 through 6) with increasing degree of reading difficulty. JoR follows the Hippocampus GROW BY Levelling system, which focusses on increasing reading levels irrespective of the grade level a child belongs to. This system has been successful in rural areas and for children studying in non-English medium schools.

The goal of Joy of Reading is to pan across the various states in India and make access to books and
hence enable reading for every child. JoR has a long way to go but with help of like-minded donors it
hopes and wishes to reach its goal.